Insider-tips for fashion in Vienna

Fashion from designers must not be expensive - it does not depend what, but where you're looking for. Find here young designer's clothes, shoes and accessories in Vienna's sweetest shops. 


 INDIA - exotic, indian fashion Shopping in the heart of Vienna


India is a wonderful clothing and textile business, which has been based in Vienna since 1966. It has always been a family enterprise of the Cherkoori family and was handed over to Harri in 2008, which runs the business with his wife Praline Le Moulet.

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Goldstück Vienna

Goldstück Vienna bietet Designer Fashion im Vintage Stil der 40er bis 60er Jahre


You love to wear vintage clothes, but do not want to have something used. Is so, we have our insider tip for you: look at the sweet boutique GOLDSÜCK. The Viennese designer Antonia Gruber offers great garments under the label of Wiener Kreation (Viennese creation), inspired by the fashion of the post-war period up to the 60ies.

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Mein Design

Mein Design - La Schachtula by  Ulrike Eckerstorfer


How does a young designer get the opportunity to present his artwork to the public? The affectionately led designer-shop “Mein Design” is perfectly made for this requirement and offers a great and tasteful range from designer-fashion to accessories.

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Frauenzimmer & Männersache

New Vintage fashion at Frauenzimmer und Männersache

Vintage Inspired Fashion

Do you feel like you’re born in the wrong time? Not a problem, at least for the fans of Charleston, swing and Ping-up there is no better place as this one. Think you could’ve impressed Great Gatsby or do you want to dress like Dita von Teese? Or you are just a fan of “Mad Men”. Then come on over to "Frauenzimmer & Männersache" shop.

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Stoss im Himmel

Stoss im Himmel offers young designer's jewels in Vienna's 1st district

Jewellery as a statement

It's said, we are what we eat. But also, if continue, we are what we wear. That shows who we are, our self-perception and our attitude to the outer world. The small jewellery shop “Stoss im Himmel” feeds and deepens this thought even more.

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Natalie Rox

Natalie Rox: custom made shoes designed by yourself


Shoes, after diamonds of course, are girl’s best friends. And unlike the diamonds, we buy them ourselves. You can never have enough shoes!However, if you know what you want, it’s a little bit frustrating to find the right ones....

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Anne Morel

Anne Morel - french shoes of high quality

Passion for shoes in French

Shoes, shoes...pumps, boots, sandals.. – you think you saw them all? Here in “Anne Morel” shop you’ll find shoes of a different kind.

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Jewelry Von Köck

Our inder tip Von Köck offers exclusive jewls and high consultation service

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" – the song was introduced first in Broadway production of “Gentlemen prefer blonds” in 1949. As you pass by the sparkling windows of Jewelry Von Köck, this tune most famously performed by Marilyn Monroe, might be in your head. . 

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Carina e Vincenzo

Carina e Vincenzo

Designed and made in Italy

American jeans, Swiss watches, Italian shoes.. – we are so used to all of these made in China, and we’ve already forgotten that it was cheap and low quality. That was the beginning and it has changed, perhaps.

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